Hire Expert Virtual Assistants For 87% Less Than US Equivalents

Growing your business and team doesn’t have to be painful. If you’re trying to manage everything then you’re only wasting your time and energy. If you or your team are handling all the low-value tasks every day then it’s time to delegate with a Virtual Assistant!

“Great service, strongly recommended for those looking to cut costs and find outsourced talent…”

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Within just 7 working days we will introduce you to our hand picked candidates for you to choose from for an interview.


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See How Much You Can Save
With A ScoutWise Virtual Assistant...

Save up to 87% by using one of our expert remote VAs in the following roles and more…

Full Stack Software Developer

Average US Salary 🇺🇸
$15,865 per month
Scoutwise Salary
$2,200 per month

You Save: $13,665 per month


Senior Graphic Designer

Average US Salary 🇺🇸
$7,993 per month
Scoutwise Salary
$1,900 per month

You Save: $6,093 per month


Customer Support Assistant

Average US Salary 🇺🇸
$7,256 per month
Scoutwise Salary
$1,800 per month

You Save: $5,456 per month


Virtual Assistant

Average US Salary 🇺🇸
$11,014 per month
Scoutwise Salary
$1,800 per month

You Save: $9,214 per month


Sales Expert

Average US Salary 🇺🇸
$11,774 per month
Scoutwise Salary
$2,000 per month

You Save: $9,774 per month


Project & Operations Manager

Average US Salary 🇺🇸
$11,143 per month
Scoutwise Salary
$2,200 per month

You Save: $8,943 per month


“We’ve always been interested in outsourcing overseas but quality control put us off… I had a great chat with Tim at Scoutwise who put my mind at ease completely throughout the process 🙌.”

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here's Why 158 Businesses Have Hired
ScoutWise Virtual Assistants In 2023

Save Up To 87% On Staffing Costs With Our Virtual Assistants

ScoutWise is a service that finds and hires the best freelance talent at a fraction of the cost. We source the top virtual assistants in the world.

1 month ago

ScoutWise really goes the extra mile to find the most suitable candidates for your organization. - Angelie B

Quality Guarantee: We Find The Best Talent Or Nothing

Every applicant we source is rigorously tested and vetted… So you only get the absolute best person for your business. Our highly selective process leads to a 98% trial-to-hire success rate.

4 months ago

The guys at ScoutWise broke down the process so easy for me and made it simple. - Scott

Save Time And Grow Your Team Without The Pain

The ScoutWise hiring process is fast and as hands-off as possible for you. We handle everything from contracts and payment to quality control. So you can be sure your new hire is ready to perform from day one.

3 weeks ago

The process was seamless, and their team was always available to answer my questions. - A Granby

Personality Tests: Your New Hire Will Be A Culture Fit

As part of our hiring process, we conduct personality tests to ensure our virtual assistants are not just skillful, but also a true cultural fit for your business. We believe in matching you with team members who align with your company’s values and contribute positively to your work environment

1 month ago

Super happy and looking forward to growing our team even further! - Savanna D

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From Business Owners All Over The World

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“ScoutWise is an amazing recruitment company that helped me find the perfect outsourced employees for my business. The process was seamless, and their team was always available to...”

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“One of the best experiences I have ever had with customer service - prompt, friendly, and resolved my...”

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“ScoutWise really goes the extra mile to find the most suitable candidates for your organization...”

- Scott

“I tried hiring before and am absoluteutly useless at it!! The guys at ScoutWise broke down the process so easily for me and made it simple.. Was shocked that got my first VA hired within a week!”

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“I'm thrilled to say that we conducted interviews and found some exceptional candidates. Now, I'm eager to begin training with our new team member! Super happy and looking forward to growing...”

- Daniel F

“Great service, strongly recommend for those looking to cut costs and find outsourced talent…”


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Outsourcing using Scoutwise to remote locations like the Philippines can result in cost-savings of up to 87%. These cost-savings are due to the exceptionally low living costs in the Philippines when compared to the locations such as the U.S and Australia.

Many Scoutwise clients find that the work output and quality is actually superior to their in-house team. We pride ourselves in delivering this experience.

Here are five benefits you can get from outsourcing using Scoutwise:

  • Cost savings
    Hiring staff in places like the Philippines means you can save up to 87% on employment costs as the cost of living is significantly lower than most western countries.
  • Employee satisfaction
    By outsourcing time-consuming and administrative tasks, we relieve your local teams of excess workload, resulting in increased overall satisfaction
  • 24/7 operations
    Most remote workers are happy to work whatever standard hours suit the client. You are able to increase your hours of operations and even hire staff to work while your onshore team rests.
  • Renewed focus on business strategy
    Your Virtual Assistant is supported by ScoutWise for the lifetime of your hire, allowing you to step back and focus on developing growth strategies.
  • Business growth
    Due to the savings associated with hiring offshore staff, companies are able to free up funds that can be reinvested back into the growth of the business.

Our pricing is simple and completely transparent. You pay the monthly salary for your chosen role to ScoutWise and we take care of the rest.

For example, A typical graphic designer will cost you around $1900 USD per month full-time. You pay this upon sign-up, we onboard your new all-star remote worker and we also take care of infrastructure, recruitment and training, security, staff benefits, and management.

You can cancel this subscription at any time, just provide a minimum of 1 month’s notice to your Virtual Assistant

We also offer lifetime support to you and the employee to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Once you sign our service agreement, we immediately begin our search to find you the perfect applicant(s).

Nearly anything your team does via a computer program or over the phone can be done remotely, by an offshore team. All they need is the right skills, training, support and software to do the job.

Roles well-suited to offshoring include customer service, programming/development, tech support, digital marketing and health information management just to name a few.

Here at Scoutwise, we have access to a talent pool of over 200,000+ skilled applicants, which allows us to recruit team members in the Philippines that match your offshore role requirements.

Below are some of the common positions that Scoutwise can easily help fill for you:

3D Designer
Account Executive
Admin Assistant
Advertising Manager
Amazon Specialist
Analytics Specialist
AP/AR Specialist
Back-End Developer
CAD Operators
Civil Engineer
Claims Processor
Client Relations Specialist
Client Specialist
Construction Admin
Content Moderator
Content Writer
Customer Service Representative
Customer Support Representative
Data Analysts
Data Entry Clerk
Data Entry Specialist
Data Scientist
Debt Collection Specialist
Digital Marketer
Electrical Engineer
Email Marketer
Executive Assistant
Financial Analyst
Front-End Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Graphic Designer
Head of Finance
Inventory Planner
Lead Qualifier
Leasing Consultant
Legal Assistant
Live Chat Agent
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Designer
Marketing Manager
Mechanical Engineer
Medical Coder
Operations Assistant
Operations Manager
Paid Ads Manager
Payroll Processor
Phone Support Agent
Photo Editor
Procurement Specialist
Project Manager
Property Improvement Specialist
Property Manager
QA Specialist
Quote Coordinator
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Sales Development Rep (SDR)
Sales Manager
Sales Support
Sales Rep
SEM Specialist
SEO Specialist
Shopify Admin
Site Estimator
Social Media Manager
Social Media Marketer
Software Developer
Structural Engineer
Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Specialist
Transcription Specialist
Vendor Management
Video Editor
Virtual Assistant
Web Developer

Your new team member(s) should be ready to begin work in as little as 7 to 10 days after you start the process – possibly even sooner.

We use your job descriptions to find and recruit suitable candidates from the local market and our database of more than 200,000 applicants.

Once we’ve found the right people for your team, we set them up within our modern, state-of-the-art office facilities, including furniture, IT infrastructure, and support.

Or they may choose to work from home so we ensure they have a reliable internet connection and everything they need to deliver great work for you.

The recruitment process is quite similar to hiring a local employee through a recruitment company. We take your brief and handle the search, shortlist and initial interviews for you, then once you’ve chosen the staff member/s you’d like to be in your team, we employ them and help you onboard to your team.

Here are the basic steps in the process:

  1. You provide job descriptions for each member of the team you need
  2. We will jump on a call to discuss your needs further and clarify exactly who you need
  3. We advertise in all the major job boards in the Philippines and also go through our own carefully curated talent pool of over 200,000 applicants to find the right person for each of your roles
  4. We interview several people for each role, and present you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates
  5. You conduct final interviews – either in person, here in the Philippines, or remotely, using video chat
  6. You choose your favorite candidates for each role
  7. We extend an offer of employment to each
  8. When they accept, we agree on their start date
  9. Upon commencement, we set them up in our offices, with a desk, computer, phone, internet connection, agreed software and anything else they need OR if they choose to work from home we ensure they have a proper office with reliable internet to complete their work
  10. We help get them setup with your systems
  11. You train the employee in any special requirements for their role
  12. They get to work for you

You are as much involved in the recruitment process as if you were hiring a new team member onshore. We simply provide the resources, support and tools to allow you to hire quality candidates at a much lower cost